Current Students-FAQ

How do I find out what classes I need to take?
Take a look here. Download a program planning sheet here:
Undergraduates (BA): Program Planning/Grad Check Worksheet
Graduates (MA)Initial Certification Planning Sheet
Graduates (MA): Professional Certification Planning Sheet
Graduate (MA): Non-Certification Planning Sheet

When is registration? How do I register?
Click here for registration information. Get in early to get the best classes.

How do I do an independent study?
Many students elect to pursue an independent study, especially for a graduate level studio art course.  To do so, you must first find a full-time Art Faculty member who will serve as the primary faculty for your independent project. Once you have found that person, you should propose an independent project–either a research or art idea that you will complete over the course of the semester, or an undergraduate course that you will sit in on while doing additional work to be determined with the professor. On rare occasions, you may be able to sit in on an undergraduate course that is taught by an adjunct lecturer and then report on your work to the full-time faculty member (ex. you might attend Intro to Ceramics or Intro to Printmaking but then meet with a full-time faculty member on the side to work on graduate-level work). Once you have met with the sponsoring faculty member, you must submit a statement about your proposed project and an independent study form to the main office in the Art Department. Independent studies are only offered in the fall and spring semesters.

How do I check my transcript?
You can view an unofficial transcript by logging into CUNYFirst.

How do I know if I’ve met all my undergraduate requirements? What if I need to make up Liberal Arts Requirements (like in math or science)?
You can either take a course at the undergraduate level or you can sign up for a CLEP exam.  If you take the exam, make sure you have a copy of your test results sent to your own address.  Once you receive these, bring a copy to the Art Education office.

How do I arrange a field placement?
Go to the Office of Field Experience in NAC 6/207.  They can help for school placements.  For community centers and museums, click here (coming soon). To download the Handbook on Field Experiences, click here.

How and when do I register to take the EAST, the CST, and the EdTPA?
For information on test dates and test prep workshops, click here. To register for any of the state certification exams, visit the official website at:
– The EAST (Educating All Students Test) should be taken after completing courses on Inclusive Education and Curriculum and Assessment in Art Education.
– The CST-Visual Arts (Content Speciality Test)should be taken after you have studied Art History and general studio art techniques.
– The EdTPA (Education Teacher Performance Assessment) is a portfolio exam that you take only while student teaching.

How do I set up my student teaching?
Go to the Office of Field Experience in NAC 6/207.  You must apply the semester before you are ready to student teach.  You’ll fill out an application including a short essay and interview.  To download the Handbook on Student Teaching, click here.

How do I make sure my certification goes through?
It’s always best to check in directly with the Certification Officer if you have questions.  Please view more information about certification here.

How do I get a job?
Research schools, community organizations, and non-profits to make your dream list.  Start reaching out to people in these places for informational interviews to learn more about the required qualifications for jobs.  Subscribe to this blog for regular job updates.