City Art Lab

CCNY’s Art Education Program presents City Art Lab–a free arts program for teens. To apply for Fall 2016 please follow this link: September 14, 2016

The opportunity to participate in this community-based arts project, provides both CCNY Art Education graduate students and neighborhood youth with multiple possibilities for learning and growth.  To see news from Fall 2016, read our weekly updates.

new materials and methods with practicing artists.  Meet other art-minded teens from all over NYC. Develop artwork for a portfolio. Learn about life in college while on campus at CCNY. Collaborate with graduate students to help them become better better educators.  Exhibit your artwork.

Gain hands-on teaching experience in a collaborative working environment with young people. Practice thematic teaching through the arts through developing and piloting lesson plans with young people. Participate in co-organizing a community-based arts initiative—from lesson development through final exhibition.  Investigate the pedagogy of teaching in community-based arts settings.


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