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Teaching Art Today: #BlackLivesMatter Part Two

Teaching Art Today: #BlackLivesMatter Part Two

Two snowstorms later and the room was suddenly filled again. Again, we needed more chairs. On February 9, 2015, the second Teaching Art Today: #BlackLivesMatter Teach In drew over 40 teaching artists and educators from across NYC into deep conversation about how we can teach art to dismantle racism. Building on conversations started at our December 8th … Continue reading

Integrating Text and Image – Tackling The Post Modern Principles of Art

A research based, inter-disciplinary practice, that goes from the personal to the political, is often integral to the Contemporary artist’s practice. This semester, we examined how our own histories and environments have shaped us, and gave voice to these individual stories through photographic and text based work.  As we presented these in class, we considered the Post Modern Principles, which we found better … Continue reading

Artmaking with Young Children

I was incredibly lucky to begin my art education career at the Chicago Children’s Museum (CCM) – celebrating its 30th birthday this year! CCM has a fully-dedicated art studio and gallery space on the ground floor.  This Kraft Artabounds Studiowas my home for two years as I helped teach and manage family, school, afterschool, and … Continue reading

Transparency and Opacity in Art

My art education class explored the concepts of transparency and opacity using window envelopes.  Students investigated, researched, and played with the concepts as they cut, pasted, glued and transformed the envelopes to create amazing works of art. A fish, a girl with an umbrella and a pair of glasses are three fantastic outcomes of the … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Art…silently!

According to Nancy Hous’s article “Using Critiques in the K-12 Classroom,” she  focuses on critiques as a useful component in the art classroom because it serves as an evaluation of student artwork, which can be a useful teaching tool for any age group studying the visual arts. The article discusses a method for conducting critiques, and … Continue reading

Bulletin Board Challenge!

Last semester one of my graduate students made the oft heard complaint about her undergraduate teaching preparation program “I just didn’t feel prepared for the range of expectations my principal had for me”.   And while I think that no one in any profession goes into their first job feeling like they are absolutely prepared for … Continue reading