Final Session | Rotation 3

Final Session | Rotation 3

The Next group continued to deconstruct their obsolete objects and making it into a 3-D sculpture. While creating their sculptures students thought about how might they highlight the ephemeral qualities of the object, its short life-span, and the transformation into something new. Students in the Race group added the final touches to their silk screens … Continue reading

Rotation 3 | Intervention: The Productive Act of Disagreement & What’s Next with Social Media?

Rotation 3 begins! Last week in the Race group, students began a new lesson with Teaching Artists, Flo & Mary. During this rotation, students will “intervene” representations of race and develop and expand new representations of self and community through reproducible print process, silk screen printing. Students responded to prompt by writing or drawing, If … Continue reading

Thesis Update: Inclusive Art Education

Hi, my name is Avery and I am a current graduate student in Art Education at the City College of New York. I worked as an editorial photographer for many years but changed careers so I could better connect with youth, art, and community. Now I work as a Family Programs Facilitator at the Whitney … Continue reading

Post-Election: Stencils & Zines

“When minds are linked, souls are healed.”-Jasmine Boothe This last Wednesday at City Art Lab, the final session of Rotation 2, students and teaching artists reflected and discussed post-Elections results and created artwork in response. The Next group continued to discuss the role of artists as activists and the ability to communicate and problem solve … Continue reading

Thesis Update: Eco-Art Education

Thesis Update: Eco-Art Education

Hi, my name is Leena. I am an Art Education graduate student at CCNY. In the past, I have worked as a Pre-K substitute teacher, an art specialist at a summer camp, and a Marquis Studio’s assistant in an afterschool arts program in the Bronx. I love working with kids and hope to become an … Continue reading

Special Guest Interviews & Zine-making: Who am I?

This week’s Next group had two special guests visit City Art Lab-Anna Ozbek, a multimedia journalist and Joaquin Sapien, an investigative journalist for ProPublica. Students interviewed and documented via photos, notes, and illustrations, an engaging and thought provoking conversation about current and social political events. In response to the interview students and our special guests … Continue reading