Can I apply credits from when I did my MFA, BA, or first MA to this degree?
If you have “used” the credits to obtain an earlier degree, then they cannot be applied to a second degree. If, however, you took additional credits beyond those required for your earlier degree, then you may apply up to 6 credits to the MA in Art Education pending program approval.

What if I don’t meet ALL of the eligibility requirements to apply?
We accept students based on what they bring to the program and how we can support their learning.  If you do not meet all of the eligibility requirements, please speak to Dr. Dewhurst and include a brief memo with your application explaining the situation and why you believe you are still qualified to be in the program.

What if I didn’t have a 3.0 GPA in my undergraduate courses?
Many of our students have been away from college for some time and do not feel that their undergraduate GPA reflects their current abilities as students.  If this is the case, please submit a written statement with your application explaining why your undergraduate GPA does not represent your academic abilities.

What if I don’t have enough studio art credits?
If you do not have enough previous coursework in studio art and/or art history, you may still apply and if you are accepted you will simply need to take additional courses at City College to ensure that you are eligible for NY State Certification requirements.

What should I include in my portfolio?
We encourage applicants to select approximately 15-20 images that represent both depth and breadth of their artistic practice. If you have images of work produced by students you have taught, you may also include those.

How do I upload my portfolio images with the application?
CCNY’s application system cannot typically accept large file sizes.  Therefore, please submit your portfolio images on a CD/DVD or via a website address.  In addition, mail or upload a pdf with the thumbnail images and related information (title, media, dimensions, etc.) to the School of Education’s Admissions Office. If you are submitting artwork via a website, please include the URL on your personal statement and on the thumbnail pdf.

When will I be notified of the status of my application?
Applications are reviewed a month after the deadline (late April or mid-December).  If you have not heard from us by this time, feel free to email us.  Selected applicants will be invited to campus for an interview and on-site essay.

What kind of certification do I need?
Click here for answers to this and more certification questions.

How much does the program cost?
Click here for a chart of expected tuition costs. 

Is there financial aid?
For information on financial aid, click here. There are occasionally grant opportunities for students posted on the blog.  Students planning to teach in a public school upon graduating may be eligible for a CUNY TEACH grant. Accepted students are eligible to apply for a Conner Art Education Fellowship (information to be updated shortly).

Can I transfer any credits from other schools?
Yes, up to 6 credits not previously applied to a degree and completed within the past 3 years may be applied to your CCNY degree, pending approval from the Program Director.

How long is the program?
Students who attend part-time usually complete their degree in 6 semesters. Those who go full-time tend to complete the program in 4 semesters.  Many students take at least one course in the summer.

Can I go Part-Time or Full-Time?
Most students are part-time students which means they take 1 or 2 courses a semester. Those who are full-time students take 3 to 4 courses a semester. Please note that many courses (with the exception of student teaching or practicums) meet in the evening. Students select their own pace of study based on their time commitments and needs.

When do classes meet?
During the Fall and Spring semester most classes meet M-F at either 4:50-7:20p OR 7:30-10:00p.  Courses in art history and studio art are offered during daytime hours as well. Summer courses meet for one month intensives in Summer Session I which meets in June and Summer Session II which meets in July or Summer Session III which meets less frequently from June-July.

How long are the semesters?
Fall                        last week in Aug til third week in Dec.
Spring                   last week in Jan til third week in May
Summer               sessions in June/July/August

What is Non-Matriculation or Non-Degree Status?
As a non-matriculated student you are allowed to take courses here at CCNY (up to 9 credits). If you then choose to apply and are accepted into the program all of your courses and credits will transfer into the program.

Why is Non-Matriculation or Non-Degree a good idea?
As a non-matriculated student you can get a head start on taking courses for the program if you have missed the admissions deadline. It also allows you to sample a course from the program before you commit to applying. For more information please visit