Program Overview

Making collaborative collages in City Art Lab. (2013)

Collaborative collages

The Art Education program at City College of New York prepares students to be reflective artist-educators who can teach in multiple settings, including schools, community centers, museums, and alternative learning sites.  Students gain a critical understanding of the social significance of art education as they develop the skills to actively contribute to the field through their creative and academic work.

Recia carbon transfer in ART 15500. (2012)

Recia carbon transfer in ART 15500. (2012)

Program Commitments
Art education is contextual: Since art education takes place in multiple settings with diverse learners, we prepare our educators to understand how and when to use different approaches to engage their students.

Teaching is a social, political, and cultural practice: To be an effective teacher requires active reflection and critical engagement with theory and practice. Our educators are prepared to address issues of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and other identities with their students and colleagues.

Making art is empowering: Art education should encourage learners to actively engage with creating and analyzing works of art in ways that are personally relevant, empowering, and authentic. Our educators design curricula that emphasize ideas in the world, using appropriate art techniques and materials to support those ideas.

Effective educators are compelling advocates: To best serve our students, we must be articulate and informed advocates for the educational benefits of the arts. Our educators are prepared to be effective participants in field-level conversations, conferences, and advocacy in art education.

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