Thesis Update: How to nurture creativity.

Hello to all. My name is Bonnie Mousis. A Bahamian-Greek , artist, poet and graphic designer. I hold a BFA, in Fine Arts from S.V.A. Ihave been working on a new series of artwork inspired by the idea of losing faith and gaining morality, and the writings of Nietzsche, Hans Magnus Enzensberger andClarice Lispector. You can see some of my poetry, art here and on my video-art Instagram account.

What is dominating my mind at this moment is my current masters thesis question “In what ways do public high school students believe an art teacher can encourage their creativity? This question of how creativity can be cultivated and enhanced in a compulsory schooling system might sound far-fetched or maybe not- though through limits and rules we come into being.

I know that as a civilization and with the help of John Cleese, we have tried to answer the question of what creativity is and how to acquire and enhance it, dating back to the dawn of recorded thought. Many writers, philosophers, artists have grappled with the idea and have written about it. Hopefully in this epoch of limitless distractions, I will try, with the help of New York high school students and some teachers, to get some new information on how can we become aides of inspiration, supporters of new sparks, henchman of eureka moments, allies of the stuck, adjuncts of surprised amusement, and patrons of new discoveries in the art classroom.

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” says Hamlet.  Will Hamlet be right that the more we learn, the more wondrous we become at the impossibility of really knowing how anything works and truly is? We shall see.



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