Rotation 2 | Session 3! Finalizing Watercolor Resist Paintings & National Culture Posters

What Now, Teen Artists continued to explore the technique of watercolor and oil pastel resist paintings and continuing the discussion about the future of the educational system.  How might students’ personal experiences and school communities be impacted? Teen artists displayed their artwork together in class to think about an issue or idea that is may be missing and add to their group exhibition.



File_000 (1)

The Culture group teaching artists reviewed the two transfer techniques of tape and solvent transfers for poster making. Teen artists were asked to think about composition, images, and texts.

  • Is the poster working as a composition?
  • Are the images balanced?
  • Does the use of space draw the viewer’s eye around the page?
  • As a viewer, can you tell what the message is in the poster? Why or why not?

Teen artists have discussed throughout Rotation 2, to think about and create a national culture poster and have thoughtfully compiled images and text in response to their own personal and cultural influences and important issues.

File_001 (1)






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