Rotation 1 | Week 3: Stop Motion Animation & Printing on Fabric

During the final session of Rotation 1, What Now? Discussed message making through the use of memes and slogans. Reminding students to think about incorporating into their artwork words of action and empowerment, communicating between self and others, and community building. Students continued to create their stop motion animation videos. Students were asked to reflect upon a few questions:
1. How would you move forward after this process?
2. How can your community benefit from sharing your work?
3. What have you gained in this process?
4. What do you have at home now to keep your art moving forward?



The Culture group expanded upon their cultural identity symbols and began printing their linocuts on a various paper and fabric. Students explored the artwork of Edgar Flores, Saner, looking at how the artist uses his own personal culture to create imagery and express ideas.


Students were asked to write a response to the combination of cultural identities that we show and that we conceal. How do we wear both a hidden identity and an exposed identity? How can you create a symbol that shows the multiple facets of you? Students were able to create and use their ideas and sketches from the previous sessions to create a new cultural identity symbol and explored printing their images onto fabric pieces.




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