Rotation 1 | Week 1 & 2 | The Digital Arts and Exploring Personal Identity through Printmaking

In What Now students will be exploring, learning, and creating: 3D Scanning and Printing, Animation, Video Remixing, and Stop Motion. Students will expand their visual and societal digital landscape and learn about other methods of Digital Art. The first week of Rotation 1, the What Now group discussed what students have experienced in the Digital Arts-How is digital art created? Have you ever created a form of digital art? If so, what software, hardware have you used? Students worked in pairs and decided what digital art-making process they wanted to use and create.



Stop Motion Animation


Week 2, What Now began the session by talking about communication between one’s self and others through messages, memes, and slogans. The theme of empowerment was discussed getting students to think about words and actions: revolution, renaissance, persistence, and resistance. Students were then introduced to the methods of video art and stop animation via iMovie.

File_004 File_005(1)

Students left the session reflection upon these takeaway questions:

  1. In what ways is digital and analog art making similar?
  2. What changes from conception to execution of the art making process?
  3. What would you include in the software tools that is not offered?
  4. Where does the creative power lie? In the person or the materials?

In the Culture group students will explore their own personal identity and how they might view themselves and their own interpretations and reflections of their role in the world at large. Students will be conveying and creating personal cultural symbols through lino-cut printmaking and mixed media techniques.

During Week 1, students brainstormed ideas based on the prompts: Who Am I?  How do People See Me? and designed 3 symbols to showcase their own identity. Students discussed with each other and provided feedback and suggestions on their designs. Students were introduced to lino-cut printmaking and began creating mini-prints based off their symbols from their free write.

Week 2, the class began with looking at the artwork of Iona Rozeal Brown, who brings together in her large scale acrylic paintings a cultural identity of traditional Japanese woodcuts and hip-hop. Students created haiku poems, a Japanese poem that divided into 3 lines of 17 syllables of 5-7-5. Students followed the prompt of: Who am I? to guide them in their writing. Looking at their personal symbols created last week and their haiku poems, students expanded upon their personal symbols by re-mixing both together. Students then began printing their new lino-cuts and discussed successes and difficulties they experienced from last week and this week.










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