Rotation 3 | Intervention: The Productive Act of Disagreement & What’s Next with Social Media?

Rotation 3 begins!

Last week in the Race group, students began a new lesson with Teaching Artists, Flo & Mary. During this rotation, students will “intervene” representations of race and develop and expand new representations of self and community through reproducible print process, silk screen printing. Students responded to prompt by writing or drawing, If you were to represent yourself with a symbol what would you want it to include?  During class, students discussed the power of symbols and brainstormed examples of personal symbols and began to create their silk screens by  working together in groups and creating a stencil.


In the Next group, Teaching Artists, Rachel & Jose-Manuel, discussed with students the themes of: the past & present, the infiltration of space, and the art of the selfie. Students looked at the artwork of artist, Chino Otsuka and the Photoshop images of Kirby Jenner on Instagram. Students created an Anti-Gram Assemblage piece by incorporating past images of themselves and current images from their social media. Students discussed changes they noticed from their past to present and how might their social media represent who they are.

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