Rotation 1 | Becoming You: What makes you, you? & Abstract Self-Portraiture

Last Wednesday, was the first session of Rotation 1!

The Race group watched a video of artist Kerry James Marshall speaking on his decision and drive to paint the black figure. Students were introduced to a new drawing technique of creating abstract self-portraits by isolating parts of their photographed faces and turning the image upside down to disassociate the idea and image of  what makes up a nose, eye, mouth, or smile into abstract shapes and drawing what they see.


The Next group introduced the idea of “becoming” in which students discussed how they have become and continue to become who they are. Students charted and discussed what makes up identity and sense of self. Inspired by molecules and rhizomes students created and installed their own unique identity molecule on the classroom walls. Students created their own works of art based on the discussed theme of Becoming You and made connections to each others ideas, experiences, and identities with the use of tape and yarn.





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