Thesis Update: Art Making Integration in ELA

dsc_0015My name is Franchesca De Los Santos; I am a graduate student in the Art Education program at CCNY. I am currently the Visual Art teacher at High School for Advanced Math and Science (AMS) in the Bronx. As an educator, I believe that arts exposure is a vital component of a student’s educational experience. My instructional strategies include traditional studio practices that stress in-depth study of both classical and contemporary artists and styles. It is my goal as an art teacher to continue to integrate technology-based and personalized instruction to prepare students for the 21st Century workplace. As an artist, I enjoy creating installation pieces that connects art to other content areas such as, technology and science.  img_2345

At AMS, visual art plays an important role in the 9th and 10th grade ELA curriculum. Art making integration is utilized as tool to develop and enrich the ELA curriculum. Therefore, in my thesis, I am interesting in researching into the short and lifelong benefits art making integration has on students. Through the arts, students are able to express their knowledge, ideas, and feelings with the use of little to no words (Gullatt, 2008). Due to theorists such as these, teachers and administration are looking into the short and lifelong benefits arts integration has on students at all learning levels. For this reason, at AMS art-making integration is use as a way to teach students a different pathway for success.

img_2342When I chose the career path of Art Education, I never imagined that art making could be used as a tool to improve student’s participation and/or literacy in ELA classes. For these reasons, the nature of this study would examine the basic instructional principles and processes involved with art making integration in 9th and 10th grade ELA curriculum from the perspective of teachers and students.

If you would like to learn more about AMS and art making integration, please visit the links below:


Use Arts Integration to Enhance Common Core


Making Content Connections Through Arts Integration


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