City Art Lab: Public Art and Wheatpaste Murals

Last week our students wrapped up Rotation 2 with some really exciting projects.


In the Environment room, students split into groups and took their batik bandannas around campus. They used the banners, their bodies, and the environment around them to create powerful tableaux to communicate important environmental issues, and captured these moments with iPads. Students explored the CCNY campus to find the best locations for their photographs. Everyone came back together to talk about their work and a really interesting discussion about the process and power of public art followed.



Over in the Identity room, students learned about wheatpaste, an adhesive method often used in street art to adhere fliers or posters to a wall. In our class, students used wheatpasting in tandem with painting and collage to create bold murals with an individualistic, empowering message.



Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks as students move into Rotation 3!



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