Rotation 2 Begins!

This was the first week of Rotation 2, when two new grad student teaching artists came in for both groups and started a new unit with the teens.


In the Environment group, Sara and Kate began to introduce their unit on batik. They showed their students images of textile-based protest art. The day’s project was to create posters using a crayon and watercolor relief technique, which is similar to the eventual wax dripping technique they’ll use to create batik bandannas in the coming weeks. Students split into small groups to discuss environmental issues and began designing their posters based around interpretations of climate change and global warming.


In the Identity group, students shared out about their cultures and began working on illustrations of their own cultural identities. Heather and Kendra helped students work with pencil and ink to create their drawings, which they transferred from tracing paper to thicker watercolor paper.





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