See alumni Carla Reyes’s work in an exhibition at MIDOMA

Alumni Carla Reyes’s work will be featured in a solo exhibition, Texture Spectrum, at the MIDOMA gallery in New York City!


February 13 – March 18, 2016

MIDOMA, 545 Eighth Avenue, 7th floor

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 18, 6-8pm ($10 ticketed event)

Texture Spectrum is a collection of mixed media, textural collage paintings exploring the interaction between the natural world and the “man-made.” Most of the artworks depict surfaces or objects undergoing the processes of aging, weathering, and/or chemical changes. The paintings are low relief, almost sculptural interpretations, transforming the imagery into “textural snapshots.” The rich surfaces and heavy physicality of the artistic materials and mediums create a more visceral interaction with the artworks. These works draw attention to the cycles of nature and change, and the beauty of the processes that are always taking place around us at any given moment.

To learn more about Carla’s work, visit her website:


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