City Art Lab Final Exhibit!

Our semester of City Art Lab came to a close on May 15th as our students and graduate student teachers came together with their families and friends to celebrate the tremendous work that was made by our students. Just as importantly, we recognized the hard work and invaluable learning that both our students and teachers gained throughout the process, and the community that we built at City Art Lab. Each week, we came together to talk about issues that each one of us could impart on, and solved problems through art making. Our students learned from our teachers, and vice versa. Below are some images from our wonderful final exhibition on the City College campus. Our students, teachers and administrators also had a moment to share their thoughts and speak about their experience. It was a great end to such an amazing group this semester! We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you!!

20150515_ccny_002 20150515_ccny_003 20150515_ccny_005 20150515_ccny_009 20150515_ccny_011 20150515_ccny_013 20150515_ccny_107 20150515_ccny_109 20150515_ccny_133 20150515_ccny_135 20150515_ccny_139 20150515_ccny_142-2 20150515_ccny_155 20150515_ccny_160 20150515_ccny_163 20150515_ccny_173 20150515_ccny_178-2

We also had a great time at the BASF luncheon this past Sunday! At the luncheon, our students had another chance to celebrate and talk about the art that they had made for the BASF project.


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