Rotation Two Wrap-Up: Mask and Book Making

Last session of Rotation Two finished strong! During this class, the City Art Lab students were able to take the two-dimensional pieces and ideas that they had been working on in previous classes and moved into the realm of three-dimensionality. In the Roots/History group, the teens were able to use past pieces, such as their symbol drawings, mandalas, linocuts, self-portraits and water color experimentations, to create standing accordion books. The Transformation students took 3-dimensionality in a different direction and created paper mache masks. These questions served as inspiration for what their masks would look like:

  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
  • What is your spirit animal?
  • What is the craziest dream you’ve ever had?
  • If you were a character from a movie or cartoon, what would you be?
  • Who would play you in a movie about your life?
  • If you were a food, what kind of food would you be?

Throughout their projects, the students have grappled with how to apply questions and answers to art making, while figuring out how to use new art materials and processes along the way. Check out process images and work that the students made during the last day of Rotation One below!

Photo credit shout out to Ben Russell for student/teaching artist process photos.


Za8ImWAzFlrtqWZQ4K1L5AQhgcJ_FdO96Lsc_mbDncg,zEI9UMS0pe1pdZUVcwWW-c7s3SF0JAkBJh3g66zEjt8 yfhxXeqHyVxKTc9vZ8-7NfDHXjiL7tB8WhNr_L3F7OY,o81FpH8BFn0_SS3fIJgAOx2fT5U7ohI1-pTDuoYLxr8 XXvlUpzUOHUwA8NkQ_qQSW4hfD5XLBrMXRU0NX8AKh8,TphbTMWRYTbWObrrbIG_i31cvtLeQW6frPpTLOc78dI sv6mj5UyNBhrPEDCjF601lo2uLL-Yc5GzLzX8itulrU,EYzWyfhy30LnvfvCO-CjMhwUF-ciqCbUJVytzpqeHDQ SPQa1Mlve_uVmfOhwI6tFwUi1gR04Q3pctLkW33o4us,491A6Hvd5Z-oHToG8tilSgH0M-HQbz19XKgigpts0z8 rMiKshA7YqYmFU7xvN7WQ0MVg8zRuBgv8muxOAYrkKs,EiXEbpOtIB4OIIFmTtgr7TKmycTvakr5QirHW_rDjvM pqlPdY7rsQdW9enSef9kr3U-7D12OGdH7ncdSIHUrOU,4kOslUD9y4Xd9tOWZhPcB6JjNRmucJoZevAdwxX9y_c iuz7EsT1dIsod6vJ16rLuega4cEDcBUAS8BQJdKAOxA,DEkkePyF52KxQ7eH-Q-FsVVFOmi2700XMkCLFK5VAEI



image9 image8 image6 image5 image4 image3 image2 image1




xjOzQl-rULbNlyjTVNXHlgeF1LkSp5AP1HyfQ77cj9U,0WrNhb4R9RSO8hix_tIpdnwnwBFZBJtxYFcKur5vPPw sHIZZdROOvJ0WCMlevYsi4GH1KN07PTKDGhjA9A3Iro,OVLkD_V_DZonPoEV2tgkS5wii_RbBU1LFLMVGWSZvmQ FdaArovbOHh0N9lI1EhvpAYQkVZ0Y20HZZhcokMxsb0,gQS3yDMQLH7CVjb-jHCgVUp1FUDKlTdICui0Ck6EbTc


CkKCeKucwGXphEWVQ7xOWB4ITQFTwK2G3C-qCKoMIRw,1k6m9MUI9WD7xeCsPdeOHLixjim7fQHbyOGjqYwF-d0 7COzkNBMJKhFf513NkKJLInw0yOAaKJCMQdk_caMQ9M,eQs2SewNlFk9g-wXP8aws2_yDk-FhxDKj5tVkvGHLBw 1vBSz4rLiFQX8O6OfnQPKVJcdY73eZMiBB_vWJfEsGA,3uoBGwelFw2ZogBhNF8rFrHROHCVQG1fcdz-JjsEUJ4



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