First Day of Rotation Two! Present Day Roots and Personal Transformation

The first day of Rotation Two kicked off with a new set of teaching artists working with each of the Transformation and Roots/History teams! In our 12 week program, each of the three rotations focus on different sub-themes related to the main theme for each of the teen groups. In the second rotation of the Roots/History team, our teaching artists will be helping students to build off of the previous theme of considering where they are from by guiding them to explore their present day roots. Some of the guiding questions of the assignments include:

What parts of your identity do you believe has been carried over from your past?

What parts of your identity make you who you are now?

Do you believe that your ancestors’ traditions have any affect on your identity today? Why or why not?

By what means is your identity affected by current events?

How does your actual environment influences your identity?


As for the Transformation Group, our Rotation Two teaching artists will be working with students to extend the idea of transforming art materials into the idea of how they themselves have transformed as people. Some guiding questions that will support the next three lessons include:

How have you experienced personal transformation throughout your life?

How has your identity changed from when you were a child until now?

Have you experienced physical changes as well as emotional? How has each kind of transformation affected you?

What role has others’ perception played into your feelings and awareness of your own personal transformations?

What do you think the future holds for you?


Both of the groups focused on self-portraiture to start their projects off. See what some of the students began working on and finished below:


image14 image13 image12 image11 image10 image9 image8



image7 image6 image5 image4 image3 image2 image1


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