First Day of Rotation One!

After the mid-winter break, we had an exciting first day of class as our teaching artists and students dove into the first rotation project! In our program, we break the 12 weeks up into three rotations that each last three class sessions. Every rotation is taught by a different set of teaching artists, who work together to create the whole curriculum. This way, our students have a chance to experience different ways of thinking about the theme and various areas of expertise with their teachers.

Our first rotation Transformation group got the project going with black-out poetry, looking at the artist Austin Kleon’s work for inspiration. Using newspaper, marker, and tape, along with collage, the students considered these questions through their artwork:

How does transformation relate to art-making and the creative process?

How can materials be transformed?

How can artists transform existing text or imagery to create new meaning?

Throughout the next two weeks, they will continue to consider transformation as it relates to physical materials.
















In the Roots/History group, our teaching artists got the students thinking about their own personal histories. Ideas were generated on how symbols can be used to define our roots in listening to “Where I’m From” by poet Willie Perdomo. By the end of class, everyone began to further brainstorm through illustrating and sharing these symbols. Questions that were considered and discussed with one another during this process were:

Where am I from?

Am I proud of my heritage?

How much do I actually know about my roots?

How much does where I’m from influence my life?

How much does where I’m from influence what others think about me?

Have my roots made me stronger or do they hold me back in some way?




We can’t wait to see how these symbols turn out this week! Stay tuned for more updates.


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