Connor Fellows Update! Lesson Plan Database in the Works…

heketi profile (2)Hello!  My name is Kendra Grady-Kelly.  I am currently in my first semester as an art education graduate student, here at City College.  As a member of the Connor Fellowship, I will be working on a project that I believe will benefit our program.  I am developing a lesson plan database!  The purpose of the lesson plan database is to serve as a resource, for us to share the ways we structure and plan our lessons.  However, I do realize that beyond just looking for lesson plans on a database, art educators want to know the outcome of the lesson.  What are other art educators focusing on, working through, and trying to develop?  So, I also think reflection after teaching the lesson is important, and it is another component of the database I am considering.

Prior to City College, I attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, in Princess Anne, MD.  I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education, in 2007.  Upon graduating, I returned to New York, where I have been teaching elementary art for six years with initial certification.  My teaching experience thus far has truly been fulfilling.  Currently, I teach art at Heketi Community Charter School, in the Bronx.  It is never a dull moment when teaching five to eleven year olds!  Kids bring a great deal of wonder and imagination to their art that is exciting.  I am very passionate about giving my students the best art education possible.  As a result, I am always reflecting and re-configuring my plans to make them better.

Lesson plans and curriculum development is an important factor in teaching art, especially in a school setting.  Teachers are constantly contemplating standards, cultural relevance, interdisciplinary studies, historical connections, technology, and so much more.  It is my hope that the database can help us share and reveal different approaches to planning!  Our program already has a variety of student-interns, art teachers, and teaching artists.   I will be reaching out to a number of you to contribute your awesome lesson plans!  The collection process is already underway for this fall!  Special thanks to all, who have participated so far.  This coming spring will also be another opportunity to contribute lessons.  Stay tuned for more information regarding exactly when and where you can find the database!


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