Building our Art Education Graduate Community!

My name is Marilyn Casey and I am currently a Graduate Student here in the Art Education department at City College! This year, I am one of three Connor Fellows- who will be working on yearlong programs. I will be focusing on building and engaging with our Art Education Graduate Student community here in NYC. I’ll start by telling you a bit about myself.

At the City College Graduate Student Art Show last year!

At the City College Graduate Student Art Show last year!

I completed my undergraduate degree at SUNY New Paltz in Visual Art Education, graduating with my initial certification and a confirmed love of teaching art. While I was able to find  various short term art teaching positions, full time work continued to allude me. So I found myself asking the question “Where can I teach art that is not a school?”

I found my answer in museums. I have been working at the Rubin Museum of Art as the School Programs Coordinator for the last 3.5 years. In my position I work to build, develop, and teach a series of in school programs ranging from one-time pre-visits before a class comes to the museum for a tour, to a 10 to 20 session residency drawing strong connections between the museums’ collection and what the students are studying, to a full year after-school art program at a local high school (in which students can receive an art credit towards graduation)!

Within the museum education community here in NYC there are so many opportunities to network, building relationships, participate in professional development, and build a community.  As a graduate student as well as a museum educator, I have recently begun to think about how we can build a community of Art Education Graduate students in NYC.

Over this upcoming Fall and Spring semesters, I will seek to create opportunities to do just that. I plan to look at this in two different ways. First I will be creating and maintaining a series of blog posts that will feature interviews with people in the Art Education field who hold a variety of different positions. This will allows us to see different career paths after graduation and understand what it might take to get those positions. Second I will initiate a few informal and formal meetings, which will be open to any Art Education graduate students here in NYC. This will allow us to meet our future colleagues and resources! We have a number of great programs here in NYC and it is time that we all got to know each other and think about building our own community!

Stay tuned to see what the other Connor Fellows have planned for the year (they are both very exciting projects)! And be sure to check in soon to see how our Art Education Graduate Community is starting to build!


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