Spring Showers Paving the Way for May Flowers; the City Art Lab Edition

It’s our last and final week of our third rotation! Hope everybody stayed moderately dry with today’s showers.

But yes, you’ve heard right, it is indeed our last week of the third and final rotation for our Social Media and Identity teams. Both teams are just finishing up their projects from over the past three weeks, with the Social Media team taking their papier mâché sculptures to the next level by painting them now and the Identity team also painting and adding features to their now near-complete masks.


Rotation is over as of today, but don’t fret! The next two weeks shall see our kids and our grad students working hard on setting up for the gallery on May 16th! Our students will now have the chance to work on their past projects, take ideas that they’ve come up with during the rotations, and create new pieces to display in the gallery exhibit. We’re extremely excited to see what will be put in the show this year!

Come join us in celebrating their achievements and final works at the opening reception for our Spring Exhibition Friday, May 16th, from 5-7PM at Gallery M, on 123 W. 135th St., between 7th and Lenox Avenue. We hope to see you guys there at the reception!

Stay dry!


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