Everything is process and nothing is process


We have been exploring collaboration and product vs process in Special Projects 1 & 2.

Art Education students in this class rotate (in teams of two) and teach City Art Lab for three consecutive sessionsCity Art Lab is a free afterschool program that engages youth and arts educators in a rigorous exploration of social issues through creating, analyzing, and discussing contemporary art. The themes this semester are identity and social media.

In seminar class, we explored collaboration and process by diving into our own artistic practices, and creating linocut prints.

First we discussed key elements that make up our own artistic practice (color, movement, language, sound, etc.). Then in pairs we designed a key image for a postcard advertising a joint exhibition.



            Students designing advertisements for a joint exhibition

Next we had a gallery walk and discussed process: How did you decide who did what? Did one persons ideas dominate? What was communication like? What were the easy parts and/or hard parts?




                              Gallery Wall of collaborative linocuts

 Lastly we discussed Youth Learning On Their Own Terms, Creative Practices and Classroom Teaching by Leif Gustavson, and charted responses.

Here’s the take away:

– There is a difference in learning when you analyze someone else’s work vs. making your own work.

– If you want to introduce youth culture you can’t “fake it”, or students will know.

– How do you find students true interests and not assume you know what they are interested in?

– The goal is not for students to make a certain kind of product, but to examine the process and skills that artists use to produce their work.



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