Designs and Zines

These past session’s students created visuals about the newest forms of communication, zines and social media, through the oldest form of communication, art!

ImageThe identity team looked inward for inspiration and created a seven-page zine, each page dedicated to illustrating a characteristic or interest that they identify within themselves. From torn magazines, students constructed new images while others reappropriate pictures and text to create a dialogue that spoke of their inner being, redefining the self- portrait. Keep posted to hear about how they redefine themselves again, creating a fictional portrait… 

The social media team is at it again with mapping their social media experiences. Participant’s first projects reflected their

social media selves vs real live selves by designing visual mind maps through various mixed media techniques. This week they continue to collage and map out concepts of social media through icon mapping investigating patterns in trending conversations

ImageImageto learn more about various digital communities.





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