City Art Lab-sters brush off the (pastel) dust!

The 3rd floor of Shepard Hall was abuzz this week as the 3rd round of teaching artists kicked things into high gear!

ALSO: Don’t forget to mark your calendars for:

City Art Lab’s culminating exhibition!

Gallery M (123 135th St.)  on May 10th from 5-7pm!



Perception Group: Art Comes with a Message    

Teaching artists: Geraldine Javier and Marina Massaro


Is it the weather? The snacks? Getting together with others to make art? Something is making the members of the Perception group pretty happy!

In an effort to drive home the message that art can does not have to be confined to museums and galleries, Marina and Geraldine took advantage of the gorgeous weather and took the class on a walk. Strolling the campus grounds, the group discussed context for one’s artwork, especially when the work has a specific message or concerns a certain setting. They considered which public spaces are best for making a statement and which methods/materials work best for different spaces.



Geraldine has a message for the students!


Sharing their sheetrock pieces

Once back in the classroom, students were each handed their own “piece of a gallery wall” AKA section of sheetrock which served as a base for their messages. Students used pastels to give visual life to their messages, creatively blending text and image on their very own piece of a wall. IMG_0003 IMG_0055


Value Group: Connecting with Your Cultural Heritage

Teaching Artists: Erica Vega and Adan Garcia


Mixing media

The Value group narrowed their focus this week, examining relationships between people who share a common cultural background. Adan and Erica fired up the LED projector and shared a video from the 2010 MoMA show, Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present where the Yugoslavian performance artist spent two months sitting silently in MoMA’s galleries and invited museum goers to sit opposite.

Students also got an introduction to the work of artist and filmmaker Nikki Lee, focussing specifically on her piece Projects (1997-2001). For this photographic series, the artist, a young Korean American woman, would dress up as and assimilate into various ethnic and cultural groups documenting the process all along in the form of shapshots. Click on the link to see her posing as a punk, a Korean schoolgirl, and even an elderly woman (amongst other guises).

  IMG_0017 IMG_0018

The students thought about relationships in their own lives and make artwork using pastel, watercolor, or a combination of the two! In the final 15 minutes of class, everyone  walked around the classroom writing comments on each other’s work — a less stressful form of critique!

city art lab IMG_0045


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