City Art Lab: New teaching artists, new techniques to be dazzled by

This week on the third floor of Shepard Hall, new sets of teaching artists stepped into the studios City Art Lab armed with charcoal, brayers, and slide presentations with a single goal in mind: to inspire young artists.

Check out how it all unfolded…

Perception Group: Art Comes with a Message    

Teaching artists: Geraldine Javier and Marina Massaro


Linocutting in the sunlight.
[note: this student was later corrected in his cutting technique and his fingers were unharmed]

 After the teaching artists and students became acquainted with one another, Geraldine and Marina booted up the LED projector to guide a conversation about getting a message across through your artwork. Students discussed works of art by artists Keith Haring and Banksy, artists who both provocatively put their works in public spaces.

 Through a blindfolded, Hokey Pokey-like dance in the hallway, the students were paired up and spent time finding commonalities between them. They shared the statement that best represented what they had in common as artists with excitingly varied results. While one group expressed their mutual appreciation of Batman, another discovered that they both deplore ‘overthinking.’ 

After all groups had a chance to share, the art making commenced! Individually, the students drew symbols to represent the idea they shared with their partner which was then turned into a linoleum print!




Beware ‘overthinking’!

Fresh-pulled print. "We love Batman!"

Fresh-pulled print. “We love Batman!”

Geraldine provides printing tips

Linocut guru Geraldine provides printing tips

Value Group: Connecting with Your Cultural Heritage

Teaching Artists: Erica Vega and Adan Garcia

IMG_0658While the Perception group was doing the ‘get to know you’ shuffle and cutting into linoleum, the Value team was busy getting to know each other through their artwork. After the students shared and described the works from the previous City Art Lab rotations, teaching artists Adan and Erica introduced themselves through charcoal pieces which reflected their heritage.


During a slide presentation which displayed how artists from around the world use art to connect with their heritage, students considered the ways we can use visual language to communicate how our cultural backgrounds and traditions form who we are.

Teaching artist Erica poses for a student's sketch

Teaching artist Erica poses for a student’s sketch

The group then took advantage of the gorgeous spring weather by making some charcoal sketches in the City College quad. The teaching artists challenged students to really think about the people they see on campus and try to capture their emotions in their sketchbooks.


Back in the studio, putting the finishing touches on a charcoal drawing.


The goateed man she was drawing asked to see what she came up with — he loved it! Though the girls were thoroughly embarrassed.

IMG_0635 IMG_0628


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