City Art Lab – Spraying. Wrapping. Painting with String

Alright, now the ball is really rolling for the second rotation! The students in both groups wasted no time getting to work on their projects – the cutting, spraying, gluing, slopping, and bending immediately after the teaching artists said ‘go!’ (and, of course, after a quick snack).


The Value of Place – Place Matters

Teaching Artists: Jess Roseboom & Chuck Kushla

Team Value got struck poses to start off today’s class, they got into groups to make human sculptures while their classmates worked to guess what their poses represented. A discussion of where the sculptures belong brought them back to their guiding idea of ‘place’ and brought them back to the mylar stencils they’d started cutting last week. IMG_0439 IMG_0453IMG_0493 IMG_0502

Once they’d gotten through a sufficient amount of cutting on their stencils, Teaching Artists Jess and Chuck urged the students to pick up the spray bottles and apply their stencil designs to large pieces of high-quality watercolor paper.

Exploring Identity: Seeking out a Medium

Teaching Artists: Maileen Arroyo-Santiago, Tina Fernandez, and Kelly Martin

Over on the Perception side, Teaching Artists Tina, Maileen, and Kelly set up workstations where students became experts in sculpture, painting, and ink drawing.

Intrigued?? Check back after spring break to see the products!


Kelly showed students the work of some inspiring artists to get them in the mood for ink painting. In addition to some more traditional materials, Kelly encouraged students to ink up some string for some experimental drawings. ImageImage

Students at Maileen’s workstation test out a variety of painting materials. Image

With Tina at the helm of the sculpture table, students manipulated wire and wrapped all manner of material with papier-mâché and plaster strips.


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