City Art Lab: Rotation 2 commences!

Believe it or not, City Art Lab 2013 is now 5 weeks old! And while we say, “See ya soon!” to the first rotation’s teaching artists, we welcome 5 new teachers in to the studios.

Things got messy in a good way in both classes; students on the Value side sprayed their way to some high-chroma stencil prints while the ever-perceptive Perception group rolled up their sleeves and formed some clay masterpieces. Pretty amazing what they’re able to come up with in 2 and 1/2 hours!

The Value of Place – Place Matters

Teaching Artists: Jess Roseboom & Chuck Kushla

What is place? Why does it matter?


Where are YOU from?

The second crop of Teaching Artists have started their 3 week rotation! The Value group started out by learning where everyone was from and identifying places they would like to visit.The group then looked at work from a some inspiring street artists whose works serve as a response to issues in their community.

C215 is a French artist who creates intricately designed, multi-layered stencils which honor the lives of those who may have been disregarded. Some works feature images of children and shopkeepers while others highlight issues of homelessness.


C215 also known as Christian Guemy- view more works here:

Momo is a Brooklyn based street artist that uses abstract geometry with pre existing architecture. His work aims to draw attention to neglected community areas like rooftops and alleyways.


A collaboration between Momo and other artist.
To view more work by Momo visit:


Rolling away with the stencils…

After being introduced to these artists the students got busy cutting their own stencils from mylar and printing them in vivid colors squirted from spray bottles! Check back next week to see their progress!

Exploring Identity: Seeking out a Medium

Teaching Artists: Maileen Arroyo-Santiago, Tina Fernandez, and Kelly Martin


Paper sculptures

The perception group’s second round of teaching artists got things moving by starting the class off with a series of sculpture activities. Using the words Pride, Greed, Sloth, Joy, and Glee as inspiration, the students made maquettes from scrap paper before moving on to clay for their final sculptures.



Smoothing out a clay sphere

Once all of their sculptures were finished, the students walked around the tables and tried to determine which word was being represented in each piece. The variety of interpretations sparked a class conversation about how we represent our ideas and how one’s work is perceived by others.

***City Art Lab got a nice big shipment of supplies in this week — check back to see what the students make from this art material bounty!


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