City Art Lab: Weekly Report

City Art Lab Update


Collaging with fabric


Getting started…

Teaching Artists: Julia and Olivia


Transforming objects into memory boxes

Last week the Perception group delved deep into their unconsciouses and sketched some potent memories after hearing a selection from Joe Brainard’s seminal 1970 memoir I Remember. Based on last week’s sketches students repurposed cigar boxes to become containers for their memories.


Choosing the right material is key for assemblage

They were inspired by the work of Joseph Cornell, an internationally known sculptor, film maker, and writer. Some of Cornell’s work includes unique shadow boxes that feature various objects and images.

Joseph Cornell
Untitled (The Hotel Eden) (1945)


Teaching Artists: Rafael and Valeska

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

As mentioned in last week’s post,  as inspiration for this project, students were introduced to the work of Vik Muniz, whose work is currently on view at El Museo del Barrio’s exhibit Superreal.


Getting tactile.


Tell me about it

Inspired by Muniz’s recycled collage pieces, students were asked to bring in various images to use in constructing their own collages. With a plethora of objects and items on hand, students began collages based on their images using the materials in the classroom.


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