City Art Lab: Winding up Rotation One


IMG_0339 IMG_0364

This was the 3rd and final day for students to put any finishing touches on their first projects of the semester . The rooms were full of vibrant colors and creative vibes. The perception group was busy reconstructing recollections of the past. They repurposed cigar boxes as containers for their memories boxes. At the conclusion of the art class, Teaching Artists Julia and Olivia asked the students to identify the work of a classmate that they found striking.

IMG_0349 IMG_0343 IMG_0353 IMG_0361 IMG_0365

The value group also picked up their projects right where they left them last week. Students who had been using cloth material the week before were now experimenting with paint. Students who were previously working in 2 dimensions, built up sculptural elements in their pieces. After they completed their collages, the students delved deep into a critique session facilitated by Teaching Artists Rafael and Valeska.  Students were assigned prompt questions at random to reflect upon their pieces.


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