How do you learn best?

In our Art in Education class (15500), students have been exploring different theories of learning.  After discussing the idea the people learn through different modalities (like visual or motor/kinesthetic), we focused upon Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.   (Here is a nice summary of the theory on the PBS website:

I challenged the students to take the information we discussed in class and look closely at themselves.  I asked: How do YOU learn best?  Think about some of your successes in school or other learning environments:  have you always learned that way?

As an assignment, I asked the students to create original works of art inspired by their own education experiences.  We discovered that the most successful pieces were those that actually ENGAGED the learning styles that they represented: for example, artwork that used text to demonstrate linguistic learners, or three-dimensional artwork that demonstrated visual or spatial learning.Image

Our classroom turned into a gallery filled with sculptures, poems, kinetic art pieces, drawings, paintings, and collages. The artwork was as varied as the learning styles of the class members!

– CCNY Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hopkins




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