Bulletin Board Challenge!

Color Our WorldLast semester one of my graduate students made the oft heard complaint about her undergraduate teaching preparation program “I just didn’t feel prepared for the range of expectations my principal had for me”.   And while I think that no one in any profession goes into their first job feeling like they are absolutely prepared for every task, I took her concern to heart.  In an attempt to offer the opportunity to gain some practical knowledge my undergraduate students this semester will face the Bulletin Board Challenge! 4 times over the semester.

The Challenge is sprung on students at the beginning of the class with no prior warning.  Students are randomly assigned to groups and have 30 minutes to create a bulletin board with the theme of either: season/holiday, highlighting student work, describing an art element or free-form.  Sound familiar art teachers?

During the first Challenge students worked together to consider what Artist of the Monthstudent work would highlight art skills and make curriculum connections, and which element of art could be learned about quickly but look great on a bulletin board.  We even had a discussion about what types of holidays one can address in public schools and how best to do it.  Our free form group decided on an Artist of the Month theme and did a fantastic job introducing viewers to key elements of Salvador Dali’s work, bulletin board style.

Sure you could look online for bulletin board ideas, but we know that our CCNY students are more creative than anything out there!


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