City Art Lab: We’re Back!

City Art Lab is back and better (and bigger) than ever this semester.

We’ve doubled in size for our second year, with two classes of teens running concurrently. One group will be exploring different facets of the idea “Risk,” while the other one will be exploring the idea of “Balance.” Graduate students have already begun planning and teaching lessons that encourage teens to explore these big ideas in their art-making.

On the first day of class, over 30 teens from all over New York City joined 10 CCNY Art Education grad students, Dr. Marit Dewhurst, Jill Kirschen (a grad veteran from last year’s City Art Lab), and CAW’s Associate, Lauren Jobson. Everyone had a wonderful time learning each other’s names, interests, quirks, and hopes for the course with snowball fights, collaborative collage, and a walking gallery tour of their work, which explored each classes’ themes.


Every three weeks, two different graduate students will conduct their group in a collaborative art project revolving around themes of risk and balance. Each group, and each rotation of grad students will have something completely different to give to teens to engage in, so stay tuned.  We can’t wait to show you what works our students will create next week.

For more photos, check out our flickr & facebook!


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