Favorite Interview Questions Pt. I

We asked our colleagues in the field for some favorite interview questions.  We got so many good ones this blog post has to be a two-parter.  Check them out.  How would you respond?

Maria Palma, Director of Arts Education Accountability and Support, New York City Department of Education

• How do you see your talents and commitment as an arts educator shaping the future of your students?
• Can you identify a core value that you hold as an artist and arts educator that influences your philosophy of teaching the arts?
• If you could teach only one arts lesson to your students, what would it be and why?

William Crow, Senior Museum Educator, School and Teacher Programs, Metropolitan Museum of Art

• Tell us about a moment when you had to get a team of people on your side to solve a problem.
• What three words would you use to describe how others see you?

Deborah Schwartz, President, Brooklyn Historical Society

• What is your favorite exhibition you have ever seen and why?
• Describe something about yourself that needs improving.

Susan McCullough, Adjunct lecturer and former Director of School and Family Programs at MoMA

• Describe a successful lesson that you taught recently.  How did you know it was successful?
• Describe an unsuccessful lesson. What made you think it was unsuccessful?

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