Teaching about #OWS

Check out these lesson plans for teaching students about Occupy Wall Street. How would you use them?

Occupy Movement Political Education Workshop by Build the Wheel


This site offers a list of curriculum and resources helpful to use for political education.

Occupy Wall Street: Background & International Context by Mark Engler


In this lesson, students use 2 readings from the OWS protests to think critically about the issues raised.

We are the 99%: Occupy Wall Street Protest by Jinnie Spiegler


In this lesson, students will learn about OWS including the meaning of 99%, wealth and wealth disparity, and what some of the protestors want.

Lesson Plan: Who are the 99%? Ways to teach about Occupy Wall Street by Sarah Kavanagh, Holly Epstein Ojalvo and Katherine Schulten


In this lesson, students are introduced to Occupy Wall Street, then investigate the movement more deeply through articles, pictures, photographs, videos, slogans, quizzes and more.


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