Movie Stars in Art Education…only at CCNY

Movie stars in Art Education? Definitely.  Well, at least here at City College. The work of video artist and CCNY Adjunct Lecturer, Brenda Zamora, invites drama.  Not classroom drama, but telenovela drama.

For decades, Spanish-language telenovelas have been at the center of the family evenings in millions of Latin American households. Although a few novelas now have more creative plotlines or artistic directing, the formula is still the same: a young girl falls in love with a rich man, overcomes the challenges and cruelty of a villainous character, and finally becomes rich as she marries the man she loves and lives happily ever after. These messages are still being transmitted to the masses. Through collaboration with Rocío López, Brenda Zamora has deconstructed the telenovela motif to produce work that invites critical thinking, laughter, and ‘lagrimas‘. Check out some of her latest work:

Dos Mujeres Una Ciudad (2010) is about a young woman who recovers from amnesia only to discover her true identity and the betrayal and lies of those she once loved.

Una Leccion De Amor – A Lesson On Love (2010) tells that dramatic story of a young woman who falls into utter despair as she loses the love of her husband.

We dare you not to get hooked.


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