Documenting Student Work

In Workshops in Art Education, we are playing with documentation!  It’s an awesome way to see how each other interpret and create while also reflecting on our practice as a class.  A practice often attributed to Reggio Emilia , documentation can look a lot of different ways.   We’re using it to focus our looking and listening as we try to make our learning and experience visible.   In seeing each others experience of the class, and in sharing our own, we are able to shift our own perspectives.  We’re also thinking about ways to extend this practice with our students.

It was so amazing to see everyone’s different visual interpretations.  Check it out below! 

Ryan made this lovely film from our second week of class! 

And are some stills from a charming tiny book project Jeannine made from Week 3

Jeannine's tiny book!

A few of the pages!

pgs 2&3

pgs 8&9

And a Reggio style piece from Michelle!

Michelle documents in a Reggio style!

We’re documenting class every week so keep an eye out for more projects and big ideas!

By Emmy Bright
CCNY Adjunct Lecturer


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