Rosalinda’s summer of textile teaching

This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to be an education intern with the summer camp at the Textile Arts Center .  For approximately 8 weeks I worked with several groups of children between the ages 5 and 12.  The groups were divided into weavers that wove on floor looms and surface designers that worked with felting, dying, and sewing.

I really enjoyed working with children that already have an interest in art and are able to vocalize their ideas. The most admirable thing about TAC camp was that Mondays were designated for the children to customize their field trip tee shirts based on a particular theme (tie-dying or block printing, sewing patches or fringing). The children took pride in making each shirt their own.

Although I was a little nervous at first about actually teaching, I was motivated by the children’s enthusiasm to learn and experiment with new methods and materials. I start student teaching this semester, so this was a great time to gain practical experience as a teacher. I learned a lot from it.

By Rosalinda Lett, Undergraduate Art Education student at City College of New York


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