Social Media Opening: Artists or educators?

It’s kind of fitting that in the midst of our program’s own foray into the world of social media, that we ended up at Pace Gallery’s Social Media exhibition opening last week. In between watching David Byrne pose for press photos and trying to remember the name of Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher’s art-educator-friendly website (“something about everyone loves you”), City College Art Education graduate students and alumni pondered about the disappearing lines between creating art and working with people.

Is the work we do as educators really that different than the work celebrated at this show?  Beyond the art assignments in Learning to Love You More, artist Jonathan Harris also taps into the social capacities of educators to create We Feel Fine. Is this really that different than being a creative educator trying to build community in a classroom or community setting? What might we, as arts educators, teach contemporary artists about collaborating with people? How can we use the kind of artwork exhibited here to connect across the imaginary (and no longer real) divisions between art-making and art-teaching? Are the distinctions useless when we’re all working at the intersection of art, community, and participation?

Kind of makes your brain feel just like Byrne’s squished globe.

Read and watch more about the exhibition here:
Art in America
Artist interviews
Press release 

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